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Does it cost anything to join EOG?
No, joining is absolutely FREE, although donations are welcome.

Is there an age limit to join?
Yes, you must be at least 17 years of age to join EOG.

Do I have to post on the forums?
You must post under the "Introduce yourself to the clan" forum upon getting accepted. Also, you must post on the forums frequently if you are wanting to join a squad or if you wish to remain in your current squad.

Do I have to "LIKE" Elite Ops Gaming on Facebook?
Yes, It is a clan rule that you view our Facebook page and click the "Like" button.

Do I have to Subscribe to Elite Ops Gaming on YouTube?
Yes, It is a clan rule that you Subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Do I have to purchase the Premium Membership?
No, the EOG Premium Membership is for the dedicated members that want to get the most out of the clan. There are a lot of benefits that come with this membership that non-premium members will not be able to get. Some benefits include: color in your username, flames/sparks/glow in your username, receive a FREE clan Lanyard and more. For a full list of benefits visit our Premium Membership page.

What games do you support?
We are mainly a Call of Duty clan. We currently support Call of Duty: WWII, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Modern Warfare Remastered & Black Ops 3.

How do I get color, flames, sparks or glow in my username?
All of these features are a Premium Member Only feature. To unlock these features you must purchase the Premium Membership ($30 for a 1 year membership). You will be sent a message asking what name effects you would like applied after making your purchase.

Are there Ranks in the clan?
Absolutely. We have a well-structured ranking system that we use. You can find our ranking structure on the "Ranks" page.

How do I get entered in the Raffles for the chance to win prizes?
You must be a Premium Member to enter into these prize drawings. Premium Members get entered in a free raffle every so often and someone wins a prize such as a Turtle Beach Headset, Microsoft Points, FPS Freeks, Cash etc...

How do you process payments for items in your store?
All payments are made through PayPal checkout. It only takes a few clicks to purchase an item through PayPal checkout whether you have an existing PayPal account or pay as a guest with your credit card or visa. (Also we do accept cash and or checks via mail if you prefer that route)

How can I be sure that if I purchase an item from your store that I will receive it?
We are a very credible site. We have many members/buyers that send us Unboxing videos as they receive their gear to show that we are a credible website/store. You can view these videos on our YouTube channel or visit this page: www.eliteopsgaming.com/unboxingvideos Also, you can view photos of members and their gear on our Gallery page: www.eliteopsgaming.com/gallery

Do I have to change my Gamertag to EOG something?
No, it is not required although it is encouraged. Most of our members change it anyways. If you get promoted or you are a member of our A Team for Game Battles, in that case it will be required to change it.

Will you sponsor my team or clan?
No. A lot of clans and teams are under the impression that we sponsor players and or teams. We are a team/clan just like yourselves so we are trying to earn sponsors just like you therefore we don't sponsor others. If its a website your after, click the banner on our home page located at the bottom to get yourselves a FREE website. If you need any advice or help with that, you may then contact us and we can help you out with getting a website going just like ours.

Do you accept players from other countries outside of the United States?
Yes! Most of our members are based in the U.S. but we welcome everyone to apply as we have members from around the globe such as the U.K., Canada, Australia among others!

What console(s) do you support?
We support the Xbox ONE and Xbox ONE X.

Is there a K/D (Kill/Death) Ratio requirement to join?
Yes. You must have OVER a 1.50 K/D in order to join.