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The #EOGclan works with some amazing companies. We only work with companies with whom we use their products and believe in! Check out who we are working with below. Most our sponsors have a discount code that no only saves YOU money but also supports our organization!

Use code 'EOG' at checkout for 5-20%OFF our select Sponsors Products! (Just click the Image)


KontrolFreek is the creator of Performance Gaming Gear™ and the leader of FreekNation, a global community of more than four million gamers.

Glytch Energy is a natural energy powder that contains dynamine, a supplement that can double the half-life of caffeine. The powder is intended to be a healthier alternative to other energy drinks that use higher caffeine doses to achieve similar results. Glytch Energy is marketed as a gaming energy powder or drink that can help with energy, focus, mood, and concentration. It contains zero sugar and no artificial flavors or colors, and its ingredients are clinically tested and dosed. 

Klutch1 Stacked Logo.png

At Klutch1, our products are designed to enhance well-being and support self-improvement. Our mission is to craft solutions that inspire and propel you towards being your most confident and best self.

Arma is a leader in Esports Apparel design and production. Most of our #EOGclan Apparel is designed and produced by Arma.


JerkyPro is the Official Beef Jerky of Esports. Tender, Juicy Beef Jerky and More.

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