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Kontrol Freek is the leading developer of innovative gaming accessories that enhance the gaming experience and give gamers of all skill levels the competitive edge.

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GamerCrates creates product packed packages filled with the best gamer gear in the entire industry! With a monthly subscription you can get a $19.99 GamerCrate with products like Gamma, KontrolFreeks, GameOnSnacks, and more worth $40+ retail!

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Like many of you ..  We love our gaming! So we took it to the next level.  We figured if Hot Rod guys dress up there rides, Computer nuts beef up there rigs, Why the heck cant we do the same thing to what we enjoy. We had spent years with little choice stuck with the same plain jane stuff the manufacturers offered us. So we took the steps of bringing Mods to the Masses with special Controller and Case Mods.  Just to give them that personalized expierience that is not offered right out of the box. Get anything you can dream of on your controller in High Resolution! Gamertag, Team Name, Team Designs and more!


GameStop offers customers the most popular games, hardware and game accessories for next generation video game systems and the PC. In addition, our buy, sell, trade program creates value for customers while recycling products no longer being played.


Enjin is a leader in clan and guild hosting websites. Creating a website is fast and easy. Have your own website in just a few minutes and get started with the FREE 2 week trial with nothing but your email required to sign up.

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JerkyPro was officially established late 2015 by military/paramilitary veterans who pride themselves in the structuring of the business.  We do not promote or prefer one target audience over another. We are actively engaged in  xGames, eSports, MMA, competitive motorsports, and military efforts. Bottom line we cater to  anyone and everyone that loves JERKY!


Konsole Kingz is a company that brings gaming and Hip-Hop together. They work with Xbox LIVE to bring fresh items for your avatar and also gamerpics. Check out and download our EOG clan gear today!


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The Glomtom consists of supportive yet soft foam completely covered by delecate microfiber which feels warm and comfortable to your skin, yet easy to clean and maintain. The GlomTom is robust enough to keep its shape and support your upper body, yet will provide the same quality of comfort day after day of use. The Glomtom is also well suited for providing amazing comfort while using tablets, laptops and reading books!

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The #1 nootropic stack of eSports. Bluvos is a new energy and vitamin product in the form of a capsule. Feel more focused, alert and stay awake without the crash later. Effects last approx. 4-6hrs.

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Professional gamers place extremely high demands on their chairs. To withstand the abuse, our chairs are built to endure marathon gaming sessions, epic battles, monster naps and whatever else pro gamers can throw at it. Core strength is key with our internal steel frame... the massive lumbar cushion and ergonomic neck pillow are just the cherries on top.

ArmaCentrum is a leader in eSports apparel design and production. Click the image to visit our EOG Pro Store and purchase some EOG gear.